The Society as we know it

On June 4, 2020, a Twitter user asked: “why is ending rape so contentious and controversial? Why is it generating so much disagreement?” The Nigerian writer, editor, and activist, OluTimehin Adeagbeye quoted the tweet and responded:

It’s contentious because ending rape means ending society as we know it. Rape is the primary tool used to keep women in check plus the ultimate manifestation of men’s unchecked power in patriarchy. How do you curtail women you can’t control? And how do you control women you can’t rape?

The entitlement to a woman’s body—and life—is considered the glorious trophy of masculinity. It is sad that this myth has been at the core of Nigerian society’s view of femininity for centuries and we are refusing to let go of it.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Nigerian government imposed lockdowns at different levels. For five weeks Nigerians were told to stay at home. One of the social souvenirs of this period was a surge in rape and domestic violence….

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