Malawi Needs a Strong Opposition Party — Now

Malawi is still living off the glory of the historic elections that took place in June this year. The elections saw the hitherto leader of opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, ushered into power after ousting Peter Muntharika of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from the presidential seat.

Since then, the DPP has seen a drastic decline in its leveraging power. This is evidenced by the growing intra-party power wrangles, top party officials leaving for the ruling parties of the Tonse Alliance (which comprises 9 parties led by Malawi Congress Party, and United Transformation Movement), and revelations of growing corruption scandals involving DPP members.

With the state of the DPP, currently the biggest opposition party in Malawi, has been a recurring gag for most Malawians; it should not take away from the fact that Malawi is left without a strong political opposition party and this is a cause for great concern…..

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