Of misplaced Poverty Alleviation Schemes

In the past few years, the Nigerian government introduced scheme after scheme parroting the same mantra of “lifting millions out of poverty”. One of this is the N5000 a month stipend to some of the most vulnerable Nigerians. While the question of how the paltry sum can lift anyone out of poverty defies logic, what is more disturbing is the source of funds. To fund the 2021 budget deficit, Nigeria is set to borrow N4.28 trillion. The country’s ever growing debt stock which as at June 2020 was N31.01 trillion has been a source of worry for many. The government’s incessant borrowing makes Nigeria a high risk country and puts immense pressure on an already impoverished population.

From terrorist attacks, to bandit attacks to farmer-herder conflicts, kidnapping and robbery, insecurity has become a nationwide problem in Nigeria. Despite all these, the government has done very little to ensure that Nigerians are safe and whatever investments made in the country are kept safe. Apart from the fact that the security of lives and property is its primary duty as a government, security is also very important if Nigerians are to freely carry out economic activities or attract foreign investments…..

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