How unpaved Roads, dust Pollution Threaten Lives, Economic Security in Ogun Community

Residents of Matogun, a community in Ifo Local Government of Ogun State, have been groaning under a haze of deadly dust from access roads that have been left unpaved and untarred for several years.

The community, with its thousands of inhabitants, sits just north of Lagos across the Ogun border. Matogun and neighbouring communities like Maidan, Osere, Legun, Olambe and Koye, have been a part of Lagos metro area for more than 15 years, as development expands to open up the area and free daily commutes between Lagos and Ogun.

The neighbourhoods’ proximity to Lagos has made it easier for people to sustain a lifestyle above Ogun State average, and the revenue officials in Abeokuta said they have drawn more in tax receipts from them as a result of their budding commercial status…..

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