How Understanding Chess will help solve Nigeria’s Security Problems

Nigeria is home to two of the world’s top 10 deadliest terrorist groups (Boko Haram and killer herdsmen). It is currently the third most terrorised country in the world, according to the Global Terrorism Index, and spends a large portion of her annual budget trying to strengthen her security, with little or no success. This circumstance, however, can still be investigated, analysed, and turned into a win. No one wins by resigning, just like in chess.

Insecurity has rocked Nigerian religious, educational, and even defence institutions. It is, therefore, understandable that many Nigerians have lost faith in the system and believe that the bedrock of these problems lies in Aso Rock, the presidential villa. There is a need to start looking beyond the blame and see how Nigerians can unite to fork their enemy pieces one by one until enemies’ kings are checkmated.

Chess is a game of strategy and striking when the opportunities are right. The fight against insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria can only be won with careful long-term strategies against the enemies…..

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