Kenya-Uganda Trade Wars is Harming Free Trade in the East African Community

Kenya and Uganda have for long engaged in a trade dispute. The latest hostilities between the two East African countries began in December 2019 when Kenya stopped importing Ugandan milk. In July 2020, Kenya followed a ban on Ugandan sugar against an earlier agreement to increase Uganda’s sugar exports to Kenya. Kenya’s ban on eggs from Uganda in January 2021 quickly escalated into a diplomatic row. Consequently, Uganda, in December 2021, decided to take action by placing an embargo on some raw and processed agricultural products coming from Kenya. The Kenya-Uganda trade wars are only destructive.

The back and forth between the East African Community (EAC) member states is ultimately bound to decrease trade volume within the region. Uganda is Kenya’s leading export destination. In 2020, Uganda took up the most significant fraction of Kenyan exports at 11.2% of the total export value. Also, Kenya was the second-largest export market for Uganda in 2019, with the country’s goods destined to Kenya taking up 9.38% of the total export value. However, the never-ending trade wars will ruin this vibrant commercial relationship….

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