Why Nigerians will sell their Votes

The 2023 elections are getting closer and this is the period Nigerians decide who they serve for four years. The parties play games internally and have often brought out their games externally to win elections. While these games may or may not sway us, we will take a look at some sets of Nigerians and why they sell their votes. Hopefully, after going through this piece, you will stand firm on true political and leadership values. And even if you are offered a seat at Aso Rock — the Presidential Villa— you will stand firm, protecting not only yourself but also posterity just like the great Olumo Rock.

The first set of people who sell their votes are those who do not vote. The reason may be due to fear of election violence, lack of Permanent Voter Card or outright boycott leading to a rise in voter apathy. These people believe that their votes are meaningless and that it is safer to stay at home than to risk losing their property or, worse, their lives. Voter apathy is usually seen with the ratio of actual voters compared with the registered voters…..

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