Entry of DRC To The EAC Will Positively Impact Trade

If you add 1+1 you get 2. Economists might argue that you will get 3 if you factor in an overlapping relationship like that of a Venn diagram. Others might claim that the answer is 11, an argument that might take us ages to prove! Either way, numbers don’t lie and the entrance of the Democratic Republic of Congo into the EAC will affect numbers in terms of increase in trade, jobs, and investments among others.

The new entrant into EAC brings opportunities such as a huge consumer market of over 90 million people which will mean expanded trade. Further, English and Swahili are the official languages of the EAC and the entry of Congo brings an opportunity to embrace a multilingual EAC. DRC applied for membership in 2019 hoping to improve political relations and trade with its East African neighbours…..

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