Sudanese Journalists can Only Move up in their Defense of Media Freedom

On August 28, 2022, forty members of the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate were elected into office. The team is tasked with defending the freedom of the press in Sudan. Since the 2021 coup, press freedom has declined. The military junta stifled private media reporting. Several journalists were detained and tortured. The new journalists need to form a strong network with other pro-democracy groups to stand up to the government backlash.

Press freedom is a fundamental human right in every society. The Syndicate needs to create a strong network with fellow liberty fighters. The network stands a risk of defeat if they fight alone. This strong network can be built by journalists working with other pro-democracy unions in Sudan, like the Local Resistance Committees (LRCs). The LRCs are effective against the military junta. Due to their stand against the junta, the LRCs have gained the people’s trust, especially the youth. Such trust in the resistance committees fuels the people’s drive to seek a democratic government.

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