Safeguarding Africans’ Safety and Freedom in the Metaverse

A 2022 survey conducted by NordVpn on privacy issues in the metaverse revealed that 50% of respondents are concerned about user identity issues, 47% are worried about forced surveillance they will have to go through, and 45% are concerned that their personal information will be abused. Based on the safety concerns mentioned above, African states need to be proactive in dealing with the safety concerns associated with the metaverse by enacting laws guiding activities in the metaverse, training professionals working on metaverse products, and strengthening safety standards. The need for proactiveness is hinged on the low rate of digital literacy and the absence of up-to-date privacy laws in most parts of Africa.

African states should organise intensive training programmes ranging between three to six months for professionals in the metaverse space on safety issues in the metaverse. Currently, most training programmes on metaverse are targeted at teaching African creatives how to use the metaverse. Thus, little or no efforts have been made by African states to training programmes on privacy issues in the metaverse……

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