Why the low Socioeconomic Status of Women is Disruptive to Africa’s Food System

The low socioeconomic status of women thwarts the transformation of Africa’s food system. In most African countries, women make up 50 percent of the farming community and produce 60-80 percent of the continent’s food. However, the existing disparities and inequalities in access to resources and opportunities severely limit women’s contribution to the food system.

More so, some societal and cultural norms further discriminate against and marginalize women. A radical shift in agricultural policies is crucial to negate these disruptions and achieve the food security that Africa needs. Improved access to agricultural resources, technology, and methods will help the continent meet its urgent food demands.

The 2022 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report on food security highlighted women’s potential to contribute substantially to food security. The mitigating factor remains the gender bias in the agricultural sector. In many African countries, it is difficult for women to own or inherit land…..

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