Upholding freedom amidst strife: Kenyan protests and quest for liberty

Kenya witnessed a significant upsurge in nationwide demonstrations, with opposition leader Raila Odinga leading the charge. Since April 2023, the several demonstrations expressed citizens’ deep-seated frustrations over the rising cost of living and tax hikes. Sadly, the police arrested at least 300 people and shot many others during this period. The use of excessive force by the police on protesters raises concerns about freedom and liberty.

The cornerstone of any vibrant democracy is the protection of citizens’ rights, including the right to peaceful assembly. The Kenyan government must uphold this fundamental principle and refrain from using excessive force against peaceful demonstrators.

Training the police service to handle protests with restraint and ensuring the safety of citizens is paramount. By fostering a culture of respect for democratic rights, the government can build trust with its people and promote a more inclusive society…..

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