To Be a Gen Z in Kenya: Is Delulu the only Solulu?

You’ll wake up hungry and thirsty on one very random day, your shoulders slouched from the weight of immeasurable fatigue. Outside it will be all dark and gloomy and it will feel as though the sky is caving in on you. Your breathing will be dangerously laboured as a palpable pressure threatens to crush you. You will think to yourself that perhaps the doomsday foretold in the bible is here, that your day of reckoning has come. But no. What has happened is that you have suddenly come of age and the harsh realities of the country called Kenya have been thrust upon you.

Bewildering. Confusing. Stupefying. Tiring. Overwhelming. Adjectives that do not quite describe these new, fast-unfolding realities. You won’t be even half-ready for this. Or perhaps Kenya isn’t ready for your becoming. Or both. You will wish that there were some sort of manual to help you reconcile these harsh realities and help you figure your way around them. Worry not. This is a primer on how to be a Gen Z-er in Kenya…..

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