Freeing Ghana’s Cocoa Farmers from COCOBOD’s Monopoly

Ghana’s cocoa farmers are struggling to make ends meet as the Ghana Cocoa Board, known as COCOBOD, to which they are legally obligated to sell their produce, cannot pay them. COCOBOD is a state institution obligated to sell cocoa beans on the international market for all Ghanaian cocoa farmers. In November 2023, the annu al reports from COCOBOD showed that it had not made any profit for the past six years.

The report indicates that COCOBOD is projecting a loss of 2.6 billion cedis in the 2023/2024 season, on top of a 3.3 billion loss last season. If Ghana’s COCOBOD cannot run at a profit to pay cocoa farmers their due, which will, in turn, raise the standard of living for cocoa farmers, then it needs dissolution….

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