The Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA) is the educational wing of the globally respected Ghana-based think tank, IMANI Center for Policy and Education.

Sypala is built on an educational center model with the core mandate of training a new crop of future visionaries and leaders who will carry the torch of liberty and blaze the trail of prosperity in the coming dawn of African renaissance.

Annually, SYPALA organizes seminars that cater to almost half of the African continent with the strategic aim of equipping young professionals and students with the right tools to practically affect change wherever they find themselves and equally participate in the development process of their respective countries by turning challenges into solutions.

After going through vigorous training and coaching, participants are encouraged to submit policy-oriented papers addressing (a) particular issue(s) in their respective countries with (of course) recommendations provided going forward to be published weekly on the academy’s website.




Africa: From Slavery to Freedom, From Poverty to Prosperity

Economic liberalization and Socio-cultural Freedom

Prosperity, Liberty, Equality and African Development

Africa in an Age of Uncertainty

Liberty Abreast African Intellect

Inspiring African Transformation