From the political power hub of Washington, D.C. where she resides, Pearl Matibe’s geopolitical work covers the U.S. as well as Africa’s role on the globe. She has local knowledge of Zimbabwe, the SADC region, and perspectives on more than 170 countries garnered through the eyes of senior government officials at the heart of it all on counterterrorism, military and defense, justice, intelligence, diplomacy, national security, and foreign policy. For more than 4-decades, Pearl Matibe has seen how human rights have declined in Zimbabwe. She lays bare tyranny; on issues of a free and open press, fundamental freedoms, inclusion of women and African Diaspora as she works fiercely to defend democracy. As a human rights defender, she amplifies egregious human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and across Africa and understands what it means to work on the frontline of defending human rights. As a Foreign Correspondent, she has written for: Open Parliament and NewsDay (both of Zimbabwe). Zimbabwean-born Pearl Matibe studies at the Schar School of Policy and Government.

Rejoice Ngwenya is Director of Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions (COMALISO) a liberal think tank based in Zimbabwe. Originally a graduate of International Marketing, he has spent the last twenty years training and facilitating in political strategy, constitutionalism, property and human rights under different programs offered by both Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Atlas Network. He has written hundreds of articles for international media on politics, free markets and human rights. He is a regular analyst of the Zimbabwe situation with Voice of America, SABC and Al Jazeera.

Darren Bergman has been in politics since 1999, when he was the youth leader for a region of the Democratic Party. He served in Council since 2000 before going to Parliament in 2014. He currently serves as the shadow minister of foreign affairs. He previously served as Treasurer for Africa Liberal Network. Darren Bergman was the Managing Director of Youth Against Crime and has been a policeman, basic life paramedic and a consultant before entering politics.