The Debris of the Berlin Wall Litters Africa

Few can agree on why the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. However, the recent suspension of the Burkinabe constitution and the takeover of government by the army well demonstrates that its debris remain in Africa, where ideological proxy wars are ongoing.

Economic Freedom Index: An African Perspective

The Eastern Africa Policy Centre (EAPC) is a new regional think-tank that seeks to promote and disseminate Free Market ideas and the philosophy of Liberty within the Eastern African region.

Engaging Youths as Change Agents For Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights – Lanre Olagunju

One of the smart ways to save time and scarce resources yet get optimal result is by investing in act

#FreeMarket: When Two Elephants Fight, The Consumers Enjoy – Lanre Olagunju

Capitalism as a natural economic order has a huge resemblance with the human nature. I say so because basically it is designed to thrive based on competition and individual self interest, which are both natural phenomenon to man.

Subsidies: A Threat To National Development – Peter Yakobe


“There is nothing like free lunch.” Yes this is a statement which most of the developed countries use. That is why the citizens of these countries spend most of their time working; producing goods and services of all kinds.  They always know that nothing will come for free and they have to work to get anything they want in life.

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