#TogoDebout: Protests resume in Togo as opposition parties defy government ban

 Opposition parties in Togo have called for two days of anti-government protests in the country, starting Wednesday, October 18 to Thursday the 19th. Today’s protest means that the opposition coalition is defying a government order banning protests during the weekdays. The government last week said protests will be allowed only on weekends. Opposition parties are […]


Japheth Omojuwa: Legitimised corruption fuels inequality

 When George Orwell’s widely acclaimed Animal Farm was published in 1945, Nigeria had existed as a nation for about three decades, still under British rule. Though Orwell’s muse was events prior to the Russian Revolution and Stalin’s Soviet Union, nothing in print till date describes the socioeconomic realities of today’s Nigeria more perfectly than this […]

INTELS versus NPA: The Issues At A Glance – by Ashton Dagana

 It has become expedient to deconstruct some and outright falsehood being peddled in the media about the decision of the Federal Government to terminate a pilotage agreement between the Nigerian Ports Authority and Integrated Logistics Services Limited (Intels). When a lie goes unchallenged for too long, the mischievous man will brand it as the truth. […]