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Ghana Hosts 9th Students & Young Professionals Academy (SYPALA 2015)

 The Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA) is the educational wing of the globally respected Ghana-based think tank, IMANI Center for Policy and Education.  SYPALA was started in Ghana in 2007 and has since been held in five African Universities in five countries. This year’s seminar will be held in Ghana, specifically at […]

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Winners of African Liberty SYPALA 2015 Essay Competition

 The following people are the winners of the just concluded essay competition organized to award full scholarships to the 2015 Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA) in Accra, Ghana. All the winners will be contacted regarding travel arrangements to Ghana. Travel to and from Accra, travel within Accra, feeding and accommodation while […]



Carroll Nottage: The urgent need for Customs Modernization in Africa

 In developed countries, customs automation is one of the most powerful tools known to have increased customs efficiency and exposed loopholes where corruption dwells. Trade facilitation aims at making trade across borders faster, simpler and cheaper while ensuring its safety and security. In recent times, advanced countries have effectively implemented, maintained and successfully saved billions of […]

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Why The Nigerian Economy Fails and the Path To Economic Prosperity – Abiola Kazeem Olalekan

 Nigeria’s historical trajectory is paved with several attempts by the government to engender economic development by regulating the economy. The outcome of this closed, state-regulated economic policy, however, is an economic failure so total that, apart from the oil sector that generates about 98 percent of the foreign exchange, every sector in Nigeria is struggling […]