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#FreeMarket: When Two Elephants Fight, The Consumers Enjoy – Lanre Olagunju

Capitalism as a natural economic order has a huge resemblance with the human nature. I say so because basically it is designed to thrive based on competition and individual self interest, which are both natural phenomenon to man.

Famine Looming in South Sudan

The UN is warning of a famine in war-torn South Sudan where more than a million people have been displaced.

Ghana's Takoradi and Its Uneasy Affair With Oil

When the oil began to gush, Ghana was determined to avoid the 'resource curse.' But the prosperity many had hoped for in the coastal city of

South Sudan Rejects Call for Suspension of New Oil Contracts

Juba — The South Sudanese government says it would not relent to recent demands for suspen

Somalia Food Shortages Worsened By NGO Policy and Anti-Terrorism Laws