#RwandaDecides: Profiles of incumbent Paul Kagame and his two contenders

 Rwandans go to the polls to elect a new president for a seven-year term. The August 4 presidential election is seen as a walk in the park for incumbent Paul Kagame. The 59-year-old Kagame has been in charge since 2000 after taking over from the then President Pasteur Bizimungu, who resigned paving the way for […]

East African giants Kenya and Tanzania end months of trade restrictions

 East African giants Kenya and Tanzania have ended months of trade restrictions which were a contravention of the East African Community trade protocol. Kenya enforced a ban on the importation of cooking gas from Tanzania in April after it had banned wheat flour from its neighbour citing low safety and quality standards. After appeals by […]


Kenya’s whirlwind weekend underscores elections uncertainties

 Kenya experienced a remarkable, if seemingly coincidental, series of events this weekend. Nine people were beheaded by suspected al-Shabaab militants. The Secretary of Internal Security died suddenly. President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to accuse the judiciary of meddling in the elections. And the opposition leader Raila Odinga was briefly hospitalised. All just a month before Kenya heads […]