Kaduna State To Save N360 Million Through New Energy Efficiency Policy

 As part of Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s efforts to boost energy efficiency in Kaduna State, the government announced on Monday it’s plans to ban the sale of of high energy consuming bulbs. Disclosing this to the media at the state capital, the state’s Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Muhammad Abdullahi said before the ban is in […]


I Didn’t Know There Was Much Corruption During My Regime – Goodluck Jonathan

 As anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria intensify efforts to recover stolen funds from political office holders who served in the last dispensation, former president Goodluck Jonathan has admitted he was unaware that much corruption occurred under his regime. In a meeting with President Buhari recently, it was gathered that the Bayelsa born politician was shocked when […]



Adeeko Ademola Abayomi: The Long Road To Fixing Nigeria’s Battered Economy

 The Nigerian economy took a deep plunge this year but make no mistake, it’s not a sudden twist, it’s been long coming and every discernible mind should have seen it coming. However, the un-foretold hardship the current situation of the economy has put on Nigerians have really taken a toll on their memory. The struggle […]

Team Nigeria

#Rio2016: Nigeria The Wobbling Giant By Aduratomi Bolade

 For some curious reason, we have become used to low or at best average performance. Nigeria has become a synonym for mediocrity. Whether in governance, education or sports. Even in religion where we have some of the most celebrated religious leaders in the world, we’ve managed to inject our peculiar ‘Nigerianness’ into it as well. […]