Useful Links

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Here is a list of links to websites where people share a common interest in liberty:

The sites of the Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace, and Prosperity: (hispanic project) (russian project) (Arabic project: "Lamp of Liberty")
(Persian project: "Lamp of Liberty") ( Kurdish project : "Lamp of Liberty") (Chineese project: "Natural Order") (Portugueese project: "Free Order") (French project: "One Free World") (Forthcoming Azeri project: "Lamp of Liberty")


Other sites :

Adam Smith Institute(United Kingdom) Africa Fighting Malaria (United States)
Doing Business
(World Bank)
Enterprise Africa
The Evian Group(Switzerland)
Imani (Ghana)
Institute of Economic Affairs(United Kingdom)
Initiative for public Policy Analysis(Nigeria)
Institute for Free Enterprise (Germany)
Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy)
Für die Freiheit (Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Germany)
Timbro (Sweden)
l’Audace Institut Afrique

In the USA :

American Enterprise Institute
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Cato Institute
The Centre for Independent Studies
Campaign For Fighting Diseases
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Foundation for Economic Education
The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
The Friedrich Hayek Scholars’ Page
Heritage Foundation
The Independence Institute
The Independent Institute
International Policy Network
Institute for Humane Studies
Liberty Magazine
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Online Library of Liberty
Pacific Research Institute
Reason Foundation