Tunisia And Libya Reach Agreement On Resumption Of Border Trade

Tunisia and Libya have reached an agreement for the resumption of trade from Monday, at the border post of Ras Jedir. The agreement provides for the establishment of a single customs duty for the goods and of a Joint Monitoring Committee to avoid new tensions between the two countries.

Border traffic between Tunisia and Libya resumed on Saturday after the two countries reached a deal to lift a trade blockade at the main frontier crossing following angry street protests. Libyan border officials halted all freight traffic through the crossing at the end of April in an attempt to stop the smuggling of fuel, which is much cheaper across the border. This blockage also caused strong protests in Ben Guerdane, neighboring city of Libya, totally dependent on cross-border trade.

Libya and Tunisia share nearly 500 km of common border. To reduce the incursions of the Islamic State fighters on its territory, Tunisia has built about 200 km, a system of barriers consisting of ditches and mounds of sand.