Nigeria and Zimbabwe have Declared War on Democracy

Over the past few months, the government of Zimbabwe has become more intolerant of dissidents. The growing public outrage is linked to the inability of the government to revive the country’s comatose economy. Also, President Mnangagwa now seems to have eroded the stock of goodwill he enjoyed after succeeding Robert Mugabe.

In a similar fashion, though, the government of Nigeria with its history of clamping down on protests and critics also recently deployed State Security Service officers to attack citizens and journalists demanding the release of political prisoners. It is not out of place to say that this intolerant attitude by African governments is common across the continent. Across Africa, the culture of protests is spreading wide and far as obtainable in Malawi, Guinea, Algeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. All is not well on the continent. However, protests are good for democracy; it means Africans are engaged and watchful over the actions of their leaders. Also, criticism of the government has historically been linked to the institutionalization of the many liberties enjoyed by people all across the world…..

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