Joe Biden can’t Rescue our Continent Africa

One American celebrity political commentator and author, Ben Shapiro, once said, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” That’s what he said.

If you are not familiar with Shapiro, please do Google him. He is a very controversial, lionhearted man who is not afraid to express his philosophical views no matter how uncomfortable those who disagree with him may be. I do not always agree with Ben, but I really admire his courage to speak his mind, even in an age of intolerance and cancel culture.

And regarding the above quote on facts, I totally concur. Facts may be hurtful, but we cannot alter them; meaning we must face up to them as a people.

And one fact, reality, we have to face up to as Africans, is that no Western leader or institution can rescue us from the horrible socioeconomic and political state we are in across our African continent….

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