COSATU should learn from Solidarity

Two weeks ago, I visited Solidarity headquarters and Sol-Tech. Solidarity is a labour union and movement that owns Sol-Tech, a new technology college campus in Monument Park, Pretoria. This was at the invitation of a fine gentleman, the CEO of Solidarity, Dirk Hermann.

The visit was a thrilling experience, I must say. I learned a lot about the structures of the Solidarity movement and its functions. Over lunch, Dirk briefed me on the new Sol-Tech campus – how it came about – and what the future plans are by Solidarity. And the future plans are big, as they want to build a new university campus.

Sol-Tech “is an accredited, private vocational training college based on Christian values and uses Afrikaans as a medium of instruction”, their website explains. The college’s specialisation is on scarce skills in the field of technology. These are the skills that South Africa is in desperate need of at this time….

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