Ramaphosa should give it AGOA

It has been a period of uncertainty all over the world over the past year, as the COVID19 pandemic swept across continents. Because of governments’ lockdowns, people have lost jobs and they will never get those jobs back. Businesses have been disseminated, and many will not come back. It has been one of the unfortunate episodes in human history – an episode most of us who lived through it will not forget.

In this difficult time, government officials worldwide must get public policy right to reboot economies. The speed at which the economies rebound is dependent on sound, pro-growth, and pro-market economic policy. South Africa’s government has a greater burden on this front, as the country suffers from structural problems that have left millions unemployed.

The mighty challenge on public policy for the South African government is two-fold: it is domestic policy, and foreign policy. And these areas of public policy impact one another….

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