Hundeyin’s Pandora’s Box: A “Big, Big Problem” for a Fragile Democracy

In my recent but brief correspondence with David Hundeyin, I asked him why he thought his groundbreaking report was useful for the country. He responded that the report is of crucial value because it shows that “there is clear and unambiguous support for Boko Haram and Islamic terrorism from the very top, i.e., the President and his cabinet.” He observed further that even as our brothers and sisters commit their lives to fight Boko Haram, the conflict of loyalty among those at the very top only suggests that “Nigeria has a big, big problem on its hands.” To these responses, I pondered: if there is the slightest connection between those leading Nigeria and Boko Haram terrorists, who should be regarded as real enemies of the state: Boko Haram? Or those sponsoring Boko Haram and concurrently leading the war against terrorism? Why is the Presidency Silent on Yakubu Katsina?

Hundeyin has created a direct line between those in the President’s circle and Boko Haram, which the presidency cannot deny exists. But why has the presidency yet to address Nigerians on this alleged linkage? It cannot be the case that the presidency and the Department of State Services (DSS) do not know who Yakubu Musa Katsina is and what he is alleged to have done. As Hundeyin emphasized, Yakubu Katsina has always been “known to the Nigerian security forces as the leader of a terror network trying to set up terror cells in [the state of] Katsina and Kano as far back as 2002.”….

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