Study to Start your Own Business!

I am electing to write about the importance of business and business growth this week. Because it is my strong belief that to surmount the challenges of South Africa’s skyrocketing rates of joblessness, and dismal economic growth, stronger business productivity will be key.

When I talk about “business”, some people tend to think that I only talk about big corporations that “exploit” people and “damage the environment for profit”. Not really! I am mostly talking about small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in townships and in small and big towns across South Africa. All kinds of pro-growth policies must be adopted so that these SMEs can rapidly grow and contribute to South Africa’s economic progress. Their rapid growth will address many of the fundamental socio economic problems our nation faces.

The importance of business, as a tool to reduce poverty, should not only be understood by the political elite and technocrats. Private citizens must also understand why business growth will save South Africa….

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