Let’s Face It: ₦37 Billion On Renovating National Assembly Is Beyond Absurd

Now that the remarkable decision by the President to approve ₦37 billion ($100 million) for the renovation of the National Assembly complex in the 2020 budget seems to be cooling off, perhaps, it is time to lay down the reality of the matter.

Despite arguments from lawmakers to justify this renovation, such a financial undertaking at this time would be unwise for the country, especially as it faces more urgent callings. The country’s infrastructure deficit is ever-growing and the majority of the population still languishes in poverty.

What would be the need for a state-of-the-art building for lawmakers while the country is begging to be fixed? Instead, the money allocated for the renovation—this also despite the National Assembly having an existing maintenance budget—should be spent on improving major highways, the dilapidated educational and healthcare system. Nigerians would not stop echoing these alternatives…..

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