Revisiting the NDDC scandal

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) recently faced a corruption probe constituted by the National Assembly during which the minister of Niger Delta Affairs revealed that some lawmakers were accomplices in the corruption scandal. Although this has yet to be ascertained as the lawmakers involved denied the accusation, this scandal shows how deeply steeped in cronyism and favouritism Nigeria has become.

Crony capitalism is a system in which business owners amass wealth because of their relationship with government officials. In the Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2018 (IIAG), Nigeria scored 2.8 in absence of favouritism. From the privatisation of electricity distribution to connections needed to reel in government contracts, crony capitalism can be seen all over Nigeria. The system has turned business into a political game leaving those who do not have the political clout out of the game and making the market uncompetitive….

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