Skilled health worker migration is a lesson Nigeria must learn

In early June 2021, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health Olorunnimbe Mamora revealed that the Federal Government is renewing its focus towards discouraging Nigerian health workers, especially physicians from leaving the country. The statement was made while expressing concern over the continued increase in the number of doctors emigrating out of the country which is believed to be a major contributor to Nigeria’s failing health sector.

However, the belief that medical “brain-drain” will keep devaluing Nigeria’s healthcare system is one that needs reevaluation by the government and a narrative that should be desensitized for the general public. Although a shortage of medical personnel is not the primary issue facing Nigeria’s healthcare sector, it has been reported that 40 per cent of the country’s trained medical doctors are unemployed, and for this reason, restricting skilled health worker migration should not be the Nigerian government’s priority when it comes to healthcare….

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