Nigeria and the need to Invest in Recycling Industry

Nigeria is currently ranked as one of the world’s leading destinations for electronic waste due to waste management issues. The average Nigerian generates about 0.65kg of waste daily and, apart from local dump sites present in most communities, Nigeria is home to six of Africa’s largest landfills.

In 2018, Nigeria was estimated to have discharged about 200,000 plastics into the ocean, while annual plastic production is estimated to grow to 523,000 tonnes by 2022. Nigeria would be generating 72.46 million tonnes of waste by 2025, according to the World Bank’s 2012 Urban Development Series Publication, bringing waste production on par with crude oil production.

These wastes not only block sewers and drains, but they also end up in bodies of water, harming biodiversity and aiding disease spread. Current waste culture also has a negative impact on the planet, contributing to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions….

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