2023: Why Nigerians need to discuss environmental protection

As the 2023 general elections draw closer, one thing remains consistent in Nigeria’s political season; the absence of discussions on environmental protection. Nigerians seek candidates who will end the myriad of problems plaguing the country such as unemployment and insecurity. However, environmental issues remain relegated to the background, deemed less urgent and unimportant.

Contrary to popular beliefs, environmental problems are on par with the aforementioned issues that have remained at the front and centre of public conversations. The fact that environmental problems are not making headlines does not mean they are less deadly. They rarely stand alone. Instead, they birth and feed other problems. They affect health, economy, social status, mobility, employment, food supply, education, security and the general livelihood of a people.

In December 2021, the United Nations’ deputy secretary-general Amina J. Mohammed visited the Makoko slum in Lagos state and revealed that she saw firsthand the urgency to address the rise in the sea level…..

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