Two Years after #EndSARS, Police Brutality Persists in Nigeria

On December 25, 2022, an assistant superintendent of police, Drambi Vandi, shot Bolanle Raheem, a seven-month-old pregnant lawyer, dead in Lagos. The senseless murder was not an isolated event of police brutality in Nigeria. Over the years, Nigeria has lost too many innocent citizens to the actions of trigger-happy police officers, and no end seems to be in sight.

In some cases, these incessant killings lead to a cycle of violence and reprisal attacks from members of the communities. Beyond talks, the Nigerian government must review the recruitment and operational process of the police force. The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) should implement internal control and independent external oversight over the activities of police personnel. Also, as a deterrence, the government must swiftly prosecute erring officers.

Two years after the End SARS protest, the government has yet to address protesters’ demands fully. Between January and September 2021, Nigeria recorded about 164 cases of extra-judicial killing….

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