Actionable solutions to food insecurity

According to the Economic Impact, Nigeria ranked 107 out of 113 countries on the 2022 Global Food Security Index. Food prices continue to increase because of inflation. With 25 million Nigerians at high risk of hunger, the Nigerian government must encourage private investments in the agricultural sector by providing incentives that apply to both primary and secondary food producers. Also, there is a need for the government to educate farmers on sustainable agricultural practices such as agroforestry, biologically integrated farming systems, and precision farming. These modern farming methods will help farmers increase productivity.

To address the issue of food insecurity, President Bola Tinubu declared a state of emergency to tackle food crises in July 2023. He highlighted several plans to combat the problem. While the president’s action is commendable, a deeper examination of Nigeria’s food insecurity issue shows that the declaration is only one step out of many to be pursued…..

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