A Second Chance in Life

It is a miracle. That I am alive, with a functional brain, after an accident that almost killed me on the afternoon of August 2 is really a miracle.

I fell off a quad bike in Cullinan, Pretoria, and sustained head injuries. It was very bad. I remember nothing about the accident. I have no memory of it because when I fell off, I became unconscious.

My gratitude goes to Netcare Montana Hospital. The staff took great care of me in the ICU. A successful surgical operation was done on my face to repair the bones that were broken. There was minor bleeding on my brain, but the doctor told me not to worry about it, as it was drying up.

The excellent medical care I received at Montana reinforced my belief that private institutions provide a better service than government institutions. Anyone who denies that fact is being dishonest or is clueless about our society….

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