Don’t Fix Social Media, Fix The Government

The growing calls for the regulation of social media platforms in Nigeria by the country’s politicians are absurd and a misplaced priority. Rather than reduce hate speech and fake news as the policy proponents hope, it would only give the government needless powers to determine the extent to which Nigerians enjoy their God-given freedom of expression. Moreover, there are more serious issues with which politicians should be preoccupied.

One would wonder how the politicians in the country could give such an intense level of energy to promoting an issue that has less relevance to the prosperity and safety of Nigerians. This especially at a time the country is faced with greater security problems. Boko Haram seems to be gradually resurfacing in the Northeast; herdsmen still perpetrate horrendous crimes across the country; there still isn’t a proper account of who ordered the massacre of EndSARS protesters in Lekki, and Nigeria is still the poverty capital of the world. It’s an endless list….

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