Ramaphosa must Confront the Labour Unions this Year

South Africa’s labour unions have gone wild over the past years and President Cyril Ramaphosa must confront them on their constant excessive demands. The unions have stalled economic reforms. They have swayed public policies in their favor. They wield too much power in the country – and their opposition to sound economic reform has contributed to the economic sluggishness this country endures.

Now it’s very important that I’m not misunderstood. I do not want any misunderstanding on my position regarding the role of labour unions in our society.

I’m a passionate advocate and believer in freedom of association. So, I’m not at all opposed to the existence of labour unions in South Africa and indeed anywhere around the world. People have the right to organize and form organizations whatever the intent may be so long as the intent is not violence or the spread of hate…..

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