South Africans should learn from Thomas Sowell

Those who keep up with the affairs of South Africa, know very well that the country is in deep trouble. The economy is mired in crisis, the homicide rate and rape are staggering, there is widespread state corruption, the Tripartite Alliance destroys potential for economic reform, and more than 60% of children are in homes without fathers. These are the disturbing socioeconomic challenges a country led by President Cyril Ramaphosa faces. And the honest people do acknowledge that there is refusal to reform from South Africa’s political leaders.

Many of the problems I have mentioned above, aren’t given much attention by the mainstream media, intelligentsia and the political elite, at least in my observation.

For example, the absence of fathers in homes and the damaging impact that has on our society is ignored. Even the crisis of crime doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Instead, it’s almost always the ‘legacy of apartheid’ that is seen as the source of problems in the country…..

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