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The Constitutional Court’s decision to dismiss the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)’s application for the postponement of this year’s local government elections last week, was significant. The Court’s ruling is something South Africans should be proud about because it reminds us that our judiciary remains largely independent.

The IEC’s application marred the image of the organization and hurt its credibility. This is an institution that is supposed to put the interests of our democracy first – not politics.

To use the COVID19 pandemic as an excuse to postpone the election was ill-conceived by the IEC. We are a nation that is better-resourced than other Sub-Saharan African countries. We should be able to hold elections in this time of a pandemic.

Zambia, a poorer country, held its national elections recently. The winner of those elections was Hakainde Hichilema, who is widely seen as a reformer. Whether he is indeed a reformer, will reflect on his actions as President of Zambia….

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