The Economist is Right, it’s Time for “a Coalition of the Clean”

In April 2019, weeks before South Africa’s six national elections, London’s popular global magazine, The Economist, ran a cover story endorsing Cyril Ramaphosa for President of South Africa. “South Africa’s best bet”, was the title of the cover story.

At the time, The Economist saw Ramaphosa as a leader who could pull South Africa out of its then mess of corruption, of a dismally-performing economy, and other issues that slowed South Africa’s socio-economic progress. It wrote that to “stop the rot in South Africa, back Cyril Ramaphosa”.

The Economist’s endorsement of Ramaphosa was questioned by many leaders and supporters of the opposition. They thought that the magazine’s endorsement lacked sound judgment on what South Africa deserved in political leadership at the time. They also believed that South Africa would not change for the better under Ramaphosa, as Ramaphosa himself is a member of the corrupt and incompetent ANC…..

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